Surround your Spirit, Soul and Body with Motivational Factors


Man is made up of three parts: the spirit, soul and body. Each of this part has to be in harmony with one another to achieve a perfect result. Whatever you feed these parts with, is what you can get in life. So, equip your life with the things that will make you rather than things that will break you. The things you associate with go a long way to determine or shape your life. There are factors that can push you up as well as factors that can pull you down.

The pull factors are more magnetic than the push factors, so be careful! Life is all about choices. Always surround yourself with things that will bring out the best in you. Always read the words of God, read books that talks on success, listen to tapes that talks on success and always associate with achievers. When you cultivate this attitude in life, your success in any venture will not be difficult. Do not forget that fact that success is whom you are. Therefore, build your life in a positive way to achieve a positive result.

It baffles me when I hear people complaining that there are no jobs. There are uncountable number of j obs in our society in particular and the world in general. As long as problems are part of life, needs are always available to be met. The problem is that majority of people are yet to understand this fundamental truth about life. Jobs are everywhere but we have few people that have the eagle and godly eyes to spot them. Even some that have seen the jobs lack the grace to do them. You cannot achieve meaningful progress without making Almighty God a factor in your life. When God opens a door, no man can close it. When He positions you in your rightful place

you will become an object of envy rather than object of pity. Embrace your creator today and see whether He will not give you an eagle and godly eyes to spot a business venture that will emancipate you from fetters of poverty and place you on platters of remarkable and unquantifiable abundance.

Personally, having discovered the secret of success, I usually tell people that I will never lack in my life. Some people ignorantly View this statement as being boastful but it is not. I have been able to discover that God created me to be a fulfillment to other people s lives. I have discovered that the secret of success lies in service. Serve and see whether you will lack the good things of life. Remember, givers never lack. I have four reasons why I will never lack in my life, namely: ( 1) God (2) talent/ gift (3) Vision (4) human beings. As long as these four factors are in existence, I will forever swim in abundance.

It is a fact that some people have tried some business-es and have had their finger burnt. Please if you are one of them, don t get discouraged because you can still get it right. Just do your part by letting go of the past and God will do His part. Anything you cannot change, j ust forget about it- You will create more problems in your life by thinking about the past. Blind your eyes to the past and focus on the future. Your future is more important that your past. You can t do anything about your past but you can do something about your future. Do the following things in order to forget about your past: Discipline your thoughts by renewing your mind. Stop thinking and talking about all the negative experiences you have had over the years. Move with the right people  the I cans  rather than the I can ts . Create proper environment to nurture your potentials. Do something about your situation and keep on improving. Don t settle for mediocrity. You are too loaded to be a failure in life. Don t be ignorant of this fact because I have discovered that many people s devil is not Lucifer but ignorance. Nobody can stop you on earth without your permission. It is only you that can stop yourself from achieving meaningful progress in life by indulging in sin, being lazy and being disobedient to the Word of God. The Word of God is life.

Conclusively, if you really want to live a fulfilled life, try to have a. vision. If you have a Vision, you will have a testimony. Vision Changes life for better. A good vision distinguishes a man from his counterparts. Vision opens unimaginable doors that no man can open. Your life is a journey. You can decide to crawl, walk, run or fly on the journey. The decision is entirely yours. But for you to increase your speed or rather fly, you really need a vision] Your success and joy in life is hidden in the pursuit of a Godly vision, therefore, have one. I wish you all the best in life. God bless you!

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