Only Son Of The Richest Man In China Refuses To Take Over His Father’s $122Billion Business Empire



The wealthiest man in China needs to discover a beneficiary to his $122bn domain after his child let him know he wouldn’t like to carry on with an existence like that.

Wang Jianlin, author and executive of Dalian Wanda Group, said his exclusive child, 28-year-old Wang Sicong, wouldn’t like to assume control over his strip malls, inns, amusement stops and games clubs.

‘I have gotten some information about the progression plan, and he said he wouldn’t like to carry on with an existence like mine. Maybe youngsters have their own particular missions and needs,’ Wang, 62, told a business visionaries summit throughout the end of the week.

Wang Sicong is a chief at his dad’s realm, with a 2% stake. He established Prometheus Capital in 2011 and has made interests in Invictus Gaming, Dining Concepts Holdings.

In May a year ago, he purchased two Apple Watches for his canine, called Wang Keke, who wears them both on his front legs. In a nation with a quick broadening riches hole, the photos immediately created objection. .

Apple Watch offers amongst £820 and £1,300 in China, which is more than the month to month pay of a normal office specialist in huge urban communities. He went to class in Britain and examined logic at the University College London.

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