Set an Objective and Never you give up



This simply means something that you want to achieve. In other words, it means your goal. That is your object of target. If you want to succeed in any business venture, you must set out a realistic objective. You must set a goal because a goal unset is a goal unreached. Candidly speaking, if you don’t set out an objective for your business at the outset, you will be disappointed. Having set out your objective, try to maintain a strong desire for its achievement.
Never you give up irrespective of challenges you may encounter along the line. This is because you will never reach your goal unless you have a strong desire for its accomplishment. A strong desire is a propelling force that knows no bound. You need this virtue in order to succeed.
Therefore cultivate it.

From business perspective, the primary objective of very business person is to make profit.

Production cost plays major role in profit determination in any business. Therefore, observe the relationship between your cost of production and profit. Always try to minimize cost in order to maximize profit. Remember that the lower your cost of production, the higher your profit and vice versa. Your established objective will give you a sense of direction in your business. A clear-cut direction is required for a meaningful achievement in life. Business venture is not an exception.


Having found out a’need’ that you want to fill, please consider the following chain: Goods (wares) and services <Marketing> Cash. In this chain, do not joke with marketing. Forget about Harvard University definition.’ Marketing is simply all activities that convey goods (wars) and services to the final consumers who offer cash or cash equivalents in exchange of, goods (wares) and Services. Marketing can equally be seen as all activities that help to translate goods (wares) and services into cash or cash equivalents, simple! Note that the above definitions are mine based on my marketing experience over the years. Experience had proved that no matter how beneficial a good or service is, without marketing, cash generation willever remain a mirage. Perfect your marketing network and make your money.

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