Discipline means training, especially of the mind and character, to produce self-control, habits of obedience, etc. If you want to start any business and succeed, you must maintain a high sense of responsibility and discipline. This is important because when you own a a business, you get  freedom. And in most cases, if this freedom is not well-managed, it paves way to complacency. So, don’t take your  freedom for granted, it is a known fact that as a business owner, you are not answerable to any other person other than yourself, but you can only survive if you buckle down and work it out.

Apart from discipline in the area of freedom. you also need to maintain discipline in the area of finance. Cash as a life wire of any business has to be handled with utmost care. You should endeavour to set-up a strong internal control system to checkmate any form of cash misuse in your business. In any organization set-up, abuse of processes is inevitable where there is no discipline. So, take note of this very point in order to succeed.

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