Rob Kardashian Admits His Childhood Crush Was His Own SISTER Kim Kardashian


Say what you like about the Kardashians, but they have always been a very close-knit family. Close yes. But incestuous?


Well in a E! video teaser for ‘Rob and Chyna,’ Rob Kardashian admitted that his childhood crush was none other than his older sister, Kim Kardashian. The 29-year-old star and his pregnant fiancée Blac Chyna were filmed both discussing their former favourite pin-ups.

Laughing, Rob told the cameras who Chyna’s crush was: ‘Her childhood crush was Ricky Martin’. Blac Chyna showed no sign of embarrassment and burst into a rendition of Livin’ la Vida Loca. She soon got her own back on the former Dancing With The Star finalist by outing his former crushes as Jennifer Lopez… and his sister Kim. That’s when things got weird as Rob blushed and replied, ‘That is also pretty accurate…These are facts.’


Fans were a little baffled by the random revelation, with one querying on social media, ‘I’m sorry it’s been a long day. Did Rob just say he crushed on his SISTER?! Or did my exhaustion mishear things?’


Despite rumors of a break-up with Blac Chyna – and his bizarre admission – Rob shared a Snapchat video on Wednesday night of Chyna’s pregnant belly.

Blac Chyna Rob Kardashian

Rob appears in the Snapchat video trying to capture their baby girl kicking but noted in a caption that she ‘aint moving for the camera’.

Rob Kardashian Kylie jenner

It was the first public display of unity between Rob and his 28-year-old pregnant fiancee since family drama earlier in the week that culminated with Rob sharing Kylie Jenner’s phone number on Twitter. 


The pair, who are expecting their first child together in November, are still said to be a couple but have decided to live apart for now after ‘fighting all the time.’ Sources say since they have been in separate houses they are getting on a lot better.


The insider said: ‘They are living separately right now until the baby is born because they don’t want the fighting to affect the baby. They think it is a healthier way to live until the baby is born. He is living in Calabasas and she is in Tarzana. It’s just temporary and because they are living apart, the fighting has gotten less.’

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