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The little known man Wrote:

Would it be useless, pretentious or rather to a great degree innocent of me to address Julius in the accompanying letter? This takes after his late emphasis that he would particularly target “Afrikanermen” – the white “guests” to South Africa – once he was in power and that he would let FW de Klerk “decay in prison” …

Dumelang, Juju!

I am composing this letter to you, not with any disdain in my heart, similarly as I trust you are not a man of scorn but rather of equity. All things considered, you were named after the immense Julius Caesar of Rome!

I am a white Afrikaner male and I am about 80 years of age. In my childhood, in the region of Bloemfontein, there was somewhat dark kid named Smido with whom I swam in the pools after the downpours and constructed little mud streets on the turf and played for a considerable length of time in the fields.

Numerous years after the fact, when I returned to the place, I attempted to look into Smido and reestablish our old fellowship. Tragically I was educated that he had passed on. There was a bump in my throat.

Never, ever in my life have I respected any kindred man or lady, of whatever race or statement of faith, as substandard compared to me. As a young fellow I asked blacks working with me never to call me “baas” since it made me feel uncomfortable, as though I was the slave-ace of another individual. I was absolutely not by any means the only Afrikaner in those turbulent circumstances who felt that way.

My dad was at one time a preacher in Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia), and a short time later, when he passed on in the 1960s in Aliwal North. Xhosa individuals of the Herschell area gathered a huge aggregate of cash in pennies andpennies and other little change to comfort my mom, whom they had likewise called “our mom”. In what capacity would I be able to ever overlook that demonstration of affection and consideration?

On my mom’s side I can follow back my parentage to Europeans who were in South Africa since the late 1600s or mid 1700s. Never, to the extent I can determine, was land taken by them from anyone, for a number of them were just laborers on homesteads and not arrive proprietors, in any event on my dad’s side.

Likewise on my dad’s side, an uncle of my dad was just around 20 years of age when he was blamed by an English authority for being a Cape revolt in the Anglo Boer War. He was shot while sitting blindfolded in a seat with his grave as of now burrowed at the back of him. He fell into the grave, seat and all, as was covered there.

This awesome treachery to more youthful, high contrast South Africans in that war has been everything except overlooked – even the demise of a large number of dark and Boer kids and ladies because of a predetermined number of English officers in the death camps of old.

War is never, at any point simply in any capacity. It just brings distresses and the after-information that the contentions ought to have been settled in a great deal more empathetic ways.

After such a history, the white Afrikaners of today can’t be informed that we don’t have a place on the dirt of this nation and are just guests here.

In the 1990s, I came to understand that my ancestor on my dad’s side had gone to the Cape in the 1700s from a little place in north-west Germany, where individuals of my own surname still dwell. With this information and in the wake of going by the family there, I chose to witness what might in the event that I connected for German citizenship (in this way procuring double citizenship)! I was obtusely rejected by the German powers. In such a large number of words, they suggested I was no German and couldn’t request a wonder such as this!

In the event that I was no German, on the off chance that I was just a guest to South Africa, where on Earth do I have a place then?

In the event that you have perused this far, Juju, I thank you for doing as such.

I would prefer not to attempt to “impact” you in any capacity, not at all. In actuality, it would be despicably forward of me to believe that I could do that to a gifted and eminent lawmaker, for example, you.

Be that as it may, I beseech you not to think about the Afrikaner as an outsider on this dirt soaked by the blood of my precursors as well – as by the blood of your own ancestors.

We are one in our assorted qualities. We are all people and we as a whole fear living in dread.

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