Plough Back Your Profit



In business, profit plough back is always recommended especially, at the early stage of business set-up. To plough back profit simply means to put money made as profit back into a business in order to improve it. If you want to improve in your venture, try this system overtime before you start using profit for other purposes. This time-tested system has worked for many business men and women all over the world and it is still working till date even in the foreseeable future. You can plough back all your profit if you so wish or part of your profit into your business overtime. This act, if carried out will definitely pay off in the long-run. Let us use example to illustrate this assuming you started a business with a seed capital of $150,000 and at the end of the month you realized $200,000 after deducting your expenses. Of course, you have made a net profit of $50,000 (i.e closing capital of $200,000 less the initial capital of $150,000 = $50,000 profit). What we are saying in essence, is that you should go ahead and purchase your wares with $200,000 instead of $150,000. When you do this over a period of time, your business will surely witness a remarkable progress that will put a contagious smile on your face. Dear, this simple and rewarding system may be the magic want that you need to turn your business around. Please, give this a serious thought as a business person. Remember that wisdom is profitable to direct.

As a matter of fact, there is. no business among all the hundred businesses you can start with small capital that we’have mentioned in this write up that cannot make a way for you in lifewif the business is actually in line with your destiny. Ask your creator to show you what He has in stock for you. I mean What you are to do to make it in life. Note that what He may reveal to you may not be in consonance with your desire, but whatever He says you should do,

please do it. “The seemingly foolishness of God s revelation or instruction is hundred percent better than wisdom of men. The fact that Mr. A is producing  pure water  and he is making abnormal or super-normal profit does not mean that you should indulge in  pure water business. Be Wise! Everybody has his or her own area. Ask your creator to show you the light. When light appears, darkness disappears.

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