Whenever you want to start a business with success in view, try to open and maintain a separate bank account for your business. A business is a separate entity that is different and distinct from the owner or owners. When you ave a separate bank bank account for your business, it makes business accountability easy. It prevents you from muddling your business finances with your personal money.
Moreover, a corporate account affords customers the opportunity to pay you ‘with cheques instead of carrying cash around with its associated risks, to effect payments. Likewise, you can effect payments and carry out other banking transaction using your corporate as a business owner.
Do not forget the fact that a business bank account gives the owner access to loan facilities for business expansion and extension. Therefore, it pays to have one.
Cordial Relationship with Prospects/Customers:
If you want to get the best from your prospects/customers, treat them in a pleasant and friendly manner. your customers are the determinants of your success in business after God. As a matter of fact, your customers are your money. The way you treat them in your business will make or mar your business. No customers, no business. You must learn how to win and retain your customers as a good business man. Treat every customer with sense of cordiality. They are your kings. Your success in business is tied to them. A business man who wins and retains a customer is wise.
The attitude of selling a product to a customer without showing a sign of concern is highly unprofessional. This behaviour could spell doom to an organization. Remember that your competitors are not asleep. Frankly speaking, they are out there with an open hand to receive and embrace a rejected or rather an unsatisfied customer. Naturally, people are always attracted to the place where they are wanted or happily treated. Therefore, happy treatment should be the lots of all your customers in order to ensure their continued patronage.

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