Meet The 15 Strongest Kids In The World



I don’t mean to brag, but sometimes I can take all the groceries in from the car in one trip. It doesn’t exactly make me a world class strongman, but sometimes it’s pretty impressive (less so if I’ve only bought only one thing…). But the 15 kids that we have below are going to absolutely leave you flabbergasted at their strength. We’ve got world record holders in all kinds of categories, and if you think this list includes only boys, think again, as several young girls have made their strong mark on the world.

Most of these children started working out as soon as they could walk. For one individual that was taking too long, so her father tied weights to her when she was in a crib so she could work her muscles! There is also one kid on the list that suffers from a medical condition that causes him to grow muscle incredibly quickly; sounds more like a superpower to me!

Two of the entries on our list are related (one brother/brother and one brother/sister), meaning you’re actually about to read about 17 kids that are going to make you feel awful about missing your morning workout. Some of them even have badass nicknames like Little Hercules, Little Arnie, and Supergirl!

To add diversity to the list we’ve also tracked down kids from all around the world. Romania, Ukraine and Russia are just some of the countries below that have helped spawn some super children.

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