Meek Mill Aims for Drake on New 'All the Way Up' Freestyle

Fat Joe’s “As far as possible Up” is turning in the tune of the late spring.

Only one day after Jay Z jumped on the remix and made his first open remark about Beyoncé’s LEMONADE, another form of the track has turned into the stage for Meek Mill to reignite his aggravation with Drake.

The Philly emcee drops lines like, “Perspectives from the tasks, nigga I’m the prospect” and heaves yet another allegation that Drake utilizes a professional writer with, “This is hip-bounce, you ain’t compose it don’t record it/I don’t know how they getting down over the fringe.” The most gnawing line, be that as it may, comes somewhat later, when Meek crowns himself the ruler of Drake’s main residence of Toronto, rapping “I be in the 6 man 6 man, Dion Waiters.”

Goodness, incidentally, Fabolous is likewise on the track. Hear it out here:

How long will Drake be able to keep his Twitter fingers in check? We’re guessing — and hoping — not long at all.

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