Inclination To Problem Solving


If you want to be successful in life, resolve in your mind to become a problem solver. Identify a particular problem that you can solve with all your being and keeping solving it. This act will make you a victor if well understood and carried out. Success flows to the direction of those that solve problems. Even financial success follows the same pattern. If you are not a problem solver, forget about money making in this world.

Problem solvers are money magnet. Meditate on this particular point if you want to free yourself from chains of financial poverty. Do you know the beauty of it all? Problems are part of life. So, there are uncountable problems to solve. There is no exercise for failure. Just identify your lot and give it all your best. That is all you need.

You are in this world to play your part. So if you refuse to play your part, you will be abandoned in the park of life. Remember that abandoned properties are more or less useless. Therefore, don t make yourself one. Be up and doing and the Lord will see you through. When you want to make a decision on a particular business to do, try to establish your business along your passion. Don t indulge in any venture without careful analysis. If I may ask, why do you have to go into laundry business when you don t have the passion for washing clothes? This is an unwise

decision that shouldn’t be made: Take time to study and analyze the hundred businesses mentioned in this book to see if any of them is in line with your passion. Your passion for any business will always fuel and sustain you even when other characteristics are lacking. Sincerely speaking, most successful people are lovers of their jobs. They are passionately interested in what they do. You cannot go far in any venture without the fire of passion. When you are passionate for any business, perfection will be attained in no distant time. When you create a good or render a service with perfection, you will create a value that attracts money. When you create a value through your passion, you close a gap. And when a gap is closed or a need is met in the life of anybody, the world becomes a better place

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