I Used To Enjoy Your Presence, Now I Enjoy Your Absence


I Used To Enjoy Your Presence, Now I Enjoy Your Absence

I used to appreciate awakening by you each morning, awakening to the sound of your voice and the glow of your grip. When I had a craving for everything will be okay since you were right close by. Presently I appreciate awakening alone, listening to my own voice, discovering my own particular quality and making the most of my freedom. Presently I appreciate beginning the day feeling like I’m adequate.

I used to appreciate making arrangements with you consistently; attempting new eateries and hanging out at your most loved bars. Presently I appreciate strolling alone in the city, rediscovering my interests, attempting a wide range of eateries and recalling what it feels like to simply walk heedlessly regardless of the possibility that I get lost, I don’t need to dependably know where I’m going or hold a guide. I now appreciate strolling uninhibitedly without following anybody’s lead. It feels great.

I used to appreciate staying home with you, viewing your most loved appears and your most loved films. Presently I appreciate flipping through the channels and having my own space. The space in my psyche that you topped off with your negative contemplations and the space in my heart that you topped off with your vacant adoration.

I now appreciate the nonappearance of your judgments – the nonattendance of the issues you used to discover in anything we watch and the flaws you used to discover in me.

I used to appreciate conversing with my loved ones about you, letting them know the greater part of your extraordinary qualities and how cheerful you make me. Presently I appreciate the quiet that comes after I hear your name, the stillness that originates from realizing that you’re no more in my life, and the peace that takes after each discussion since I don’t need to lie any longer. I used to safeguard you and rationalize you and I used to appreciate it.

I now appreciate reality; the truth I knew from the beginning however chose to overlook.

I used to miss all of you the time when you were no more. Everything didn’t bode well without you. Be that as it may, then I quit missing you when I began to miss myself, the way I used to be, the vitality that I had, the things that I needed to do, the fantasies I needed to pursue and the way I needed to take after. Presently I’m figuring out how to make the most of my life; the life you shaped to fit yours.

I used to make the most of your nearness, it used to fill my void, it was the main thing I anticipated, now I make the most of my nearness, I appreciate becoming more acquainted with the parts of me you detested and the parts of me you would not like to know and I appreciate the flexibility that accompanies being proudly myself. There are a few evenings when I ponder about you however it generally advises me that despite the fact that I making the most of your nearness, your nonappearance is the thing that I genuinely required.



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