I Don’t Need You But I Want You


I Don’t Need You But I Want You

I needn’t bother with you to let me know I’m delightful. I’m mindful of what I look like with my splendid eyes and ragged hair. Not to sound huge headed, however I needn’t bother with your words to approve me. I needn’t bother with you to let me know you adore me. Three words, that so basic, truly don’t mean anything if there aren’t any activities behind it.

Trust me; I’ve fallen for those three words ordinarily some time recently. I needn’t bother with you to hold my hand. It’s been included with such a variety of individuals that don’t value the dialect of physical touch, it would presumably wince at the brush of yours.

I needn’t bother with you to hold me around evening time. I’ve rested in my bed alone for quite a long time and I sincerely don’t know how to share it. I needn’t bother with you to be there by the day’s end when I return home. I really appreciate the peace and calm of my little condo and not having a commitment to impart that to anybody. I needn’t bother with you for what you can accomplish for me, in any capacity. I’m fit for taking care of my own and fulfilling my needs. I needn’t bother with you.

I needn’t bother with you, however I need you. I need you to take a gander at me in my brilliant eyes and see the grin go over your face. I need to get some tea from you following a long and tiring day, without being asked, and feel the affection and consideration. I need to not have you recently hold my hand, but rather go after it since that is the place it has a place. I need you to remind me what it resembles to share my bed, my own space, my holy space with somebody and feel totally good.

I need you to be there toward the day’s end, since when you are, it feels much more like home. I need you to add to the life I’ve worked for myself, not make one for me.

There’s a contrast between a need and a need. I require Matcha Green tea, lemon water, and my diary to survive. I need a greater flat, a tea truck and particularly, a lifetime supply of strawberries. (I adore strawberries). In any case, I can live without those things. I am living without those things. Would they make me more satisfied? Indeed, they’ll include some satisfaction. In any case, is my joy subject to those things? No. It’s definitely not. I’m content with the things I need and I’ll generally have those things(they better not dispose of matcha).

Be that as it may, that is the thing that makes needs, needs. They’re attractive for all the good and bad reasons.

I needn’t bother with you to be there, much the same as I needn’t bother with a greater loft, however I need you to be there. I need you to be there for the great times, the awful times, the worried times, and the times when words can’t help. I need to experience what it resembles to have a need satisfied, to adjust to the progressions.

I need to realize what it takes to now impart and be included to someone else. I need to figure out how it is to trust in somebody and know days will come when we would prefer not to take a gander at each other. I need to experience every one of you. The great, as well as the awful. Another experience is constantly attractive keeping in mind it’s never impeccable, the need for it is still there. Perhaps when I get it I’ll understand it’s not so amazing, but rather for the time being, I needn’t bother with you… however I need you.

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