Entrepreneurial Spirit


Entrepreneurship involves the initiation, direction, co-ordination and control of other factors of production to achieve an organisation goal. You must have an entrepreneurial spirit if you are bent to succeed in business. An entrepreneur must have the spirit of dedication, focus, commitment, and dogged perseverance. The road to becoming one’s boss is not always easy. It is somehow rough but the end is usually blissful if maintained. Many people usually back out of business on the verge of breakthrough. They lack the spirit of perseverance. As an entrepreneur, you have to be patient. No tree gives fruits. Similarly, success in business is not an overnight event.

You need to be patient to reap the fruits of your labor. Rome was not built in a day. Do not back out of business prematurely. Stay focused in your venture because it takes time to be known in business. Business is not meant for the chicken hearted but the lion hearted. If you want to start any business and succeed, you must have what I call “entrepreneurial shock absorber.” This is what the spirit that allows you to stay in business despite losses, disappointments, failure and other discouraging factors that are associated with business set-up. A good entrepreneur has nothing else in his dictionary than I will never give up until I succeed. This attitude is a must if you want to record success in any venture. Always bear this in mind as you forge ahead.

You are God s extension. In fact,you are a creator. Human beings are creators. Though, some people have limited themselves to imitators rather than creators. Do not forget that imitation is limitation. Almighty God has deposited innumerable ideas in you that you are expected to use to create other things on earth for the benefit of mankind. Anybody that is not a creator is a cheat. You can be a creator by producing a good or by rendering a service. You are expected to add to, or rather advance human development. You are created by God as a problem solver. Unless you see yourself from this perspective, success may be very far. The more problem you solve, the more important you become. You cannot be a blessing to humanity and be a back bencher. The secret of success lies in service. Givers never lack. The end result of service is mastership. I challenge you to make up your mind today to become a real problem solver and see if you will not be  g at the top- DO not live a life of pity because nobody is

ready to pity you. Roll up your sleeves and engage yourself in a meaningful venture and see Whether nature will not co-operate with you. You are the architect of your own life. Be Wise! Don t wait for your brothers, sisters, uncles, aunties, friends and other relations before you launch out. Now is the time. Act! The world is waiting for you. Pause and ponder over this -. what will you tell Almighty God that you did on earth for human. benefit after all He has done for you. In short, the gift of life is your greatest gift. You don t have any reason to fail in life. Failure is by choice not by chance. I know you can make it, I believe you can make it, I am sure you can make it but the only problem I have is you. If you can align your faith with mine and put your faith and trust in God, there is nothing on earth that can stop you. I decree and declare that as you do so, you shall become victorious in Jesus  name. Amen!


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