Be Committed To Your Business



If you are the type that allows little obstacles to deter you in life, you will never succeed in business because business requires commitment. You must persevere if you want to be known as a successful business owner. You must develop a habit of doing the necessary things that will make you successful every blessed day despite any set-back or difficulty.

Generally, success requires focus, discipline and dogged perseverance.

Nothing good come easy.

You must give up something in order to get what you want. There is no success without sacrifice. You must be committed to your business idea and also to those people who are part of your plans. Your time, effort and energy must be dedicated to your business if you really want to succeed. A business set-up could be likened to a baby that need attention. Business needs a serious attention otherwise, failure is bound to occur. Stick to your business until you get your desired result.

If you really want to make money in Lagos in particular and Nigeria in general, just target the population. Human beings are monies but unknown to many. For instance, we are over eighteen million in Lagos and over one hundred and fifty million in Nigeria as a whole. Can you imagine how much you will make if all the population or appreciable number of people in Lagos are to pay just ten Naira into your bank account? Assuming eighteen million people pay, your bank  account will be credited with a whooping sum of one hundred and eighty million Naira. Now, the critical question is  how can I do this?  This is where your entrepreneurial skill and uniqueness come into play. The simple answer to this critical question is  find a need and fill it . That is, find workable solutions to people s challenges. Think, bring out and offer a beneficial product/ service at a profit to the members of the public. Your assignment as a human being is to ask God in prayers and indulge in critical thinking and be alert and observant in order to capture the revelation when it comes. One revelation idea is enough for your life to be transformed

forever. Do not joke with what I am telling you because I am a living prove. Revelation ideas are transformational if not revolution.

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