Bribery allegations: Buhari is involved too and I will expose him and others – Amaechi



These are not the best of times for the Minister of Transportation. The place of the administration seems struck on a way to self implosion as solid data accessible to got through sources inside the administration show the President had requested for an extensive examination concerning the claims leveled on the Transport Minister by various Justices of the Federation. Furthermore, thusly, the Transport Minister is said to have debilitated striking back by uncovering the President’s messy arrangements over the charged renumeration assertion.

Taking after what showed up as serialized introduction by the Justices of the organization of the inclusion of Rotimi Amaechi in the endeavor to subvert the legal procedure, the President of the alliance, General Mohammadu Buhari fell under the enormous weight from the worldwide group to examine the legitimacy in the cases leveled by the Justices. To this end, the President educated for a test be propelled into the exercises as claimed by the Judges. The Judges had affirmed that Amaechi endeavored to influence them in more than one event.

Data accessible to dependably affirms a test into the cases of the Judges were propelled in view of the directions of Mr. President. The majority of the financial balances known to have a place with Amaechi, as indicated by our source, have been put under watch – and the verifiable action on the record sequestered.

In striking back, the previous Governor of Rivers State and the present Minister of Transport – Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi has gone the course of extortion. He is said to host selected to uncover every single included assembling in the said endeavored pay off of the judges. “Amaechi has documentary evidence that shows Buhari was in-the-know about the attempt to bribe the Judges and how many of the campaign funds were raised.”
“Amaechi has assembled the documents and has sent over to Saharareporters, with whom he has a working financial relationship to publish the documents”, expressed our source who clarified that Amaechi had utilized his association with Saharareporters to push the All Progressive Congress [APC] change mantra. “The relationship is still existing”..

It is normal that in the coming days or weeks that Saharareporters will start distribution of reports – that is – if the administration proceeds with its test of Amaechi. Be that as it may, what is sure is that Amaechi has as of now sent the said reports to the distributers of Saharareporters.

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