Breaking Away From the Crowd In Other To Succeed In Any Business



If you want to succeed in any business, you must develop a strong desire to break away from the crowd. You must be courageous enough to be yourself.

Your success as a person is assured when you operate from the basis of your being. Try to be an original not a copy. A leader does not stay with the crowd, he stands out. You need to have the courage to make use of your God given idea. A dream and a strong desire to achieve that dream are the two fundamental aspects required to succeed in any business. Endeavor to use your uniqueness and creativity as an individual to build your business. embrace new ideas and new approaches that are emanating from your spirit, soul and body to build your business. You and your business have to be unique in the eyes of clients/customers. People are ever ready to welcome unique ideas that satisfy their wants. Try to carry out any Godly thought that is predominantly occupying your mind because your predominant thought determines your physical life. Physical things in real life are products of one idea or the other. For you to succeed in any business, you must establish your business along your dream as an individual. Your greatness lies in your uniqueness. Don’t be like others, be yourself. 


lndisputably, poverty is by choice not by chance. Frankly Speaking, what some people need to do to emancipate themselves from chains of financial poverty are within their reach but they are reluCtant to do them as a result of shame, ignorance, unwillingness willingness to follow the crowd. Brethren, to start small and let us reason together, what do you think is the major cause where some unemployed Nigerians that cannot wash toilets to make money in Nigeria, wash plates to make money bath dead bodies in mortuaries to make money and do other types of so-called menial in Nigeria but when they happen to foreign countries, they do all these jobs without any cause for alarm? Don’t be deceived, not the hard currency but five letter words SHAME. What Will my friends, family members, and loved ones say? Believe you me, if you have this kind of mentality, your chances of making it in life will be so narrow. The inability to overcome shame and do some menial but legitimate jobs that will give you satanic. This condition is simply poverty veil and you need the grace of God to unveil it. Shame -is chain. Dear, my advice is this ~ People ignorantly See some jobs as not dignifying- Let me sound It Clear without mincing words that no job iS more dignifying than the other by nature, you are the person in Nigeria, in Nigeria jobs to make money to travel out of the country the simple reason is financial freedom is SHUN SHAME AND BE RICH. Some

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