Beware of Critics


Never you allow negative comments from “toxic” people i.e. critics to discourage you. You must develop thick back against criticsm if you really want to succeed in any venture. Some people’s comments can be discouraging. Be warned! The best thing to do is to convert their negative comments to your advantage. Anyway, the fact that you are being criticized is a great sign that you are doing well. In most cases, if you look at the lives of critics, you will discover that they are always jobless. People that are occupied hardly have no time for rubbish. Criticism is for busy-bodies.

Just be strong and positive in all your dealings. Let the critics be collecting dossier about you. Always give them more assignment to solve by doing very well in your business. Don’t ever lower your standard for critics. Naturally, people must talk about you as a person whether you are doing well or not. So, don’t allow anybody’s comment to weigh you down. Never you lose ground on the road to suceess. Experience has shown that critics are usually the first to shower congratulatory messages to the person they used to criticized when the person eventually succeeds. At times, those of them that do not have the effrontery to do so, usually bury their head in shame at last. So, if you want to start any business and succeed, don’t mind anybody. “Just carry go”


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