A rep for the Smith Family confirms the separation news…

A rep for the Smith Family confirms the separation news...

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith demand they are not yet separating, but rather RadarOnline.com can discover that they have as of now covertly split — from the Church of Scientology! Charge records revealed by Radar uncover that the acting couple even got a peaceful discount on a seven-figure gift they made to a congregation associated association, as a previous pioneer affirms they are no more individuals.

Gossipy tidbits about the Smiths and the congregation initially surfaced in 2007, when Will told Access Hollywood that super-Scientologist Tom Cruise had acquainted him with the religion. At that point in 2008, he and his significant other gave $70,000 to Scientology causes, as indicated by expense archives for their Will Smith Foundation, and dumped an incredible $1.2 million into the Scientology-focused New Village Leadership Academy in 2011.

Charge reports got by Radar demonstrate that in 2010, the Smiths’ WJS Trust gave $1,235,000 to the NVLA. Despite the fact that not an entirely Scientologist extend, the school utilized Scientology teachings as a part of its educational modules and was controlled by people with binds to the congregation.

The school shut in 2013, however as per assessment records acquired by Radar, the Smiths weren’t left hanging. NVLA’s 2013 expense form demonstrates that the full $1,235,000 was discounted to the WJS trust.

From that point forward, Will and Jada’s establishment has not bolstered any freely Scientologist causes. They have, be that as it may, gave to a few different religious associations through the Will Smith Foundation. In 2013, for instance, they gave $20,000 to the Oaks Christian School in West Lake Village, Calif., $2,000 to the Laurel Street Baptist Church in L.A., and $5,000 to the Macedonia Baptist Church in Jada’s main residence of Baltimore.

Do you think this implies they’ll begin retreating to a Baptish Church?


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