8 Things Your Body Does When You Are In Love


If human beings were unable to experience the beautiful and all-consuming sensation known as falling in love, we would have never created some of the world’s most powerful music, art, literature, or film.

We would also be missing out on one of the most profound facets of human existence. Falling in love is confusing, scary, funny, and life-changing all at the same time.
Below are eight signs your body shows to prove that you are in love.


1. You become forgetful: When you’re smitten with someone, your brain releases Oxycontin (often thought of as the love hormone), which can impair memory. So that’s why you’ve been so absent-minded lately.


2. Your jealous side comes out: Turns out, you can’t help it if you get a little crazy when you see your soulmate talking to another woman love can make a person overprotective of his or her partner.
3. You get easily distracted: Since you’re constantly thinking about your partner, being in love can hurt your ability to concentrate and focus on specific tasks.


4.Your hearth slows down: Being in love affects your hormone levels, decreasing your blood pressure and heart rate. You remember the first time you met him. The first time you kissed. Or you might even have the ticket stub from your first date. Whatever it is, little moments with him become special, cherished memories. And you remember every detail.

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