40 Important Milestones You Can Have In Your Life Besides Getting Married


Marriage is an incredibly beautiful and special experience. There is no argument being made here against it. But sometimes, it is so sensationalized that it simply becomes a concept against which people measure everything else in their lives. So here’s a gentle reminder that there are plenty of amazing things out there for you to experience other than, or in addition to, getting married.


1. Marking a lease for a condo that is totally yours – no guardians, no kin, no flat mates, no sweetheart or sweetheart, just you. It doesn’t make a difference on the off chance that it’s the littlest studio in presence, since it’s still yours.

2. Accomplishing something that is scared you your whole life – it can be as extraordinary as skydiving or as apparently calm as agreeing to an acting class. On the off chance that it frightens you, it’s a tremendous stride to take.

3. Experiencing a difficult separation and declining to give it a chance to suffocate you; rather, choosing to discover development and quality from it.

4. Requesting a raise when you know you merit it, particularly in case you’re the one to bring it up.

5. Giving cash – that you don’t have sufficiently very of yet – to individuals or causes that need it.

6. Finding or rediscovering otherworldly existence in your life, whether that is through a composed religion, a book, or whatever other structure that helps you.

7. Taking your folks on an excursion.

8. … Or even simply out to supper, since this is at long last your opportunity to be the person who can treat them to an option that is, instead of the a different way.

9. Reconnecting with an old companion that you’ve generally lamented putting some distance between. Being the first to contact, let them know you miss them, to make an endeavor to see them once more.

10. Giving a genuine, elegantly composed, important discourse as the Best Man or Maid of Honor at the wedding of somebody who is exceptionally extraordinary to you.

11. Tolerating a vocation or advancement that hauls you out of your customary range of familiarity and spots you in a city or nation where you scarcely know anybody.

12. Purchasing or renting an auto totally all alone – with no assistance from your folks or kin or companions. Only a buy or rent understanding that exists basically amongst you and the auto dealership.

13. Achieving a point in your life where, regardless of the fact that despite everything you think about your looks, you’re more worried with your character, your decisions, and the general population you encircle yourself with.

14. Leaving on an excursion to shed pounds or get fit as a fiddle, since you feel that it’s what your body genuinely should be more advantageous.

15. The first occasion when you take care of a noteworthy issue in your existence without looking for exhortation or endorsement from people around you.

16. Rolling out a gigantic physical improvement that you need, however aren’t exactly prepared for yet – a noteworthy hair style, a puncturing, a tattoo, a hair shading change, a closet that you’ve generally dependably felt was more “you,” and so on.

17. Choosing to retreat and get your Masters on the off chance that you feel that that is the best thing for you to do as of now in time.

18. Getting all alone medical coverage arrangement.

19. Stopping a flawlessly great job – not on the grounds that it’s a test or it’s troublesome, but rather on the grounds that it makes you genuinely hopeless and despondent.

20. … And leaving said place of employment without telling or “asking” your folks to start with, in light of the fact that you’ve officially made sense of how you can spending plan out your reserve funds until you discover something else.

21. The principal occasion you go through with companions rather than family.

22. Getting to that age where you purchase your own plane tickets home, rather than asking your folks to do as such for you.

23. Changing a tire independent from anyone else in favor of the street, with no assistance.

24. … Or, if that would be a catastrophe, agreeing to your own AAA enrollment.

25. Coming to the heart of the matter where you make arrangements all alone for things like physicals and dermatology check ups – with no request from your mom.

26. Going on your first get-away with a critical other – paid for by both of you and both of only you.

27. Building up your own particular legit, bona fide political convictions. Not on the grounds that you need to sound shrewd at gatherings, but since as you get more seasoned, you’re beginning to wind up not so much guileless but rather more worried about vital issues that your nation faces.

28. Owning a bit of furniture in your place that wasn’t a giveaway from your folks, wasn’t found in the city, and wasn’t obtained at IKEA.

29. Having certain extravagances that you get a kick out of the chance to spend your well deserved cash on now and again, similar to super delicate bedsheets, or a back rub, or a truly heavenly jug of wine.

30. … And getting to the development level where you can differentiate between treating yourself, and being monetarily heedless and flippant.

31. When you have individuals over for supper – and it’s a feast you cooked without anyone else.

32. Discovering, and really understanding, what the heck a deductible is.

33. Telling somebody you adore them without knowing without a doubt whether they cherish you back.

34. Feeling really glad when your companion hits an enormous point of reference, and figuring out how to not stress over the little episode of desire or frenzy you feel over it.

35. Getting all alone PDA arrange, and understanding that when you’ve abused your information, there are no all the more family contentions to be had. It’s equitable you and your Visa, paying the overage charges all alone.

36. Setting up a 401K, in light of the fact that you need to. Not on the grounds that somebody addressed you about the significance of it.

37. Making a trip to a city you’ve for the longest time been itching to investigate, and paying for everything all alone dime.

38. Achieving an age where you know how to concede when you’re off-base.

39. Finding that one book that progressions your life, regardless of the possibility that it’s in the littlest way that could be available.

40. Getting to a point in your life where you take a gander at adolescents and school children and believe I’m so happy I’m not in that stage any longer, rather than I’d offer anything to retreat.

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