The 25 Best Jobs in 2016 All Pay at Least $70,000



The job market continues to improve — as long as you have a well-paying job. America’s labor force is technically more than six years removed from the Great Recession. Unemployment is near an eight-year low. The national quit rate, which measures the percentage of workers who voluntarily jump ship, has been holding steady around 2%, it’s best level since 2008. Yet millions of Americans are uncertain about their careers.

Finding a new job is a popular goal. A recent survey from Glassdoor finds 45% of people say they are currently job searching or planning to search for a job in 2016. This is not too surprising, considering that wage growth is still lagging and changing jobs can be the fastest route to a larger paycheck. In 2015, the average hourly earnings only rose 2.5%, according to the latest employment summary report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Whether you’re searching for a job in your current industry or trying to decide what career path you want to take, researching your possibilities can help you decide what job you ultimately pursue. New research from Glassdoor analyzes the best jobs in America for 2016, determined by weighing three factors equally: earnings potential (median annual base salary), career opportunities, and number of job openings.

Let’s take a look at the 25 best jobs, which all rate highly among all three categories and pay around $70,000 or more. In many cases, the jobs pay six figures.

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