The 20 Hottest Pics Of Celebs In Yoga Pants



Before you mindlessly skim through this list of hot celebrities (who could blame you?), here’s a brief history of yoga pants in America.

Although they’d been around for years, yoga pants didn’t become popular as an everyday clothing item until the early 21st century. Made from a soft, stretchy material like cotton or lycra spandex, they were designed, obviously, for yoga, but have since been adopted as a comfortable, casual option for women. They’re so popular that they have led to a decrease in the sales of jeans in America — in fact, some have called them the “new jeans.” Their growing popularity likely had something to do with America’s recent obsession with physical fitness. Women wanted something they could wear that was comfortable yet fashionable, something that they could wear while working out, shopping, or simply sitting on the couch.

Men certainly aren’t complaining about the popularity of yoga pants, either. In recent years, the male gaze has shifted downward a couple feet. As if “My eyes are up here” wasn’t enough, now women have to say, “My eyes are up here and on the other side of my body.” Thanks to the tight-fitting pants, which leave little to the imagination, 2014 was declared the year of the booty. Songs such as J. Lo and Iggy Azalea’s“Booty” and Meghan Trainor’s “All About that Bass” were written about the posterior, and careers were practically built on it. Come to think of it, maybe yoga pants are to blame for the rise of the Kardashians.

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