18 Women On The Most Infuriating Thing A Guy Said To Them (That He Actually Thought Was A Compliment)


18 Women On The Most Infuriating Thing A Guy Said To Them (That He Actually Thought Was A Compliment)

1. “You’re too beautiful to possibly be gay.”

–Claire, 23

2. “My significant other and I were observing some TV appear and there was a young lady with these truly cut abs. I was thin yet not conditioned. I let him know ‘I wish I had those lines on my stomach! They look so great.’ And he goes, dead genuine, ‘No, no, my ex had those. I like your tummy the way it is!’ AND THEN POKED IT.”

–Lisa, 29

3. “A person once let me know he’d laid down with 99 ladies, and that he needed the 100th to be extraordinary!”

–Tori, 31

4. “New Year’s Eve, 2003. I’d been with my (now spouse) beau for three months, the two of us 17-years of age at the time. We were at a gathering with another couple and had attacked some individual’s folks’ alcohol bureau. Other people got intoxicated yet I couldn’t on account of 90% of the blend was Jagermeister and I couldn’t drink it. So somewhat later on we as a whole split away to have youngster sex. My intoxicated beau completes and as I roll away I understand the condom is no more.

Since I am exceptionally calm I begin FREAKING OUT. Gracious god, I am a pregnant teenager mother. Without a doubt. It is extremely unlikely I’m not totally preggo. I begin wildly hunting down the baffling missing condom and my poor pounded fellow goes ‘It’s FIIIINE. It’s FIIIINE! I WANT you to be the mother of my youngsters.’

Ok yes, how sentimental and sweet and delightful however YOU MAY HAVE JUST RUINED BOTH OF OUR LIVES YOU DUMB IDIOT. I found the condom inside me and fortunately we have still not created any youngsters right up ’til the present time but rather lord have mercy on me I wedded that imbecile.”

–Anna, 30

5. “We were discussing porn for reasons unknown. I was feeling truly terrible about myself yet was still super thin, likely 110 pounds. I was as a matter of fact on a compliment angling trip and said something like ‘Yet I don’t look like what young ladies look like in porn! I’m so fat. Nobody in porn appears as though me.’ He took me at my assertion and as opposed to considering the words leaving his mouth, tapped my shoulder in a seeing way and said, ‘I’m certain they make husky young lady porn.'”

–Mel, 28

6. “I simply abhor when folks ask ‘How are despite everything you single?’ I understand that they’re attempting to be pleasant and complimentary, however it just makes me feel humiliated and doltish and ungainly.”

–Alessandra, 26

7. “I’m gay, and I met this person at a bar who continued discussing how he dated 3 lesbians. Furthermore, he resembled ‘you and me could be great however’ and I had just been conversing with him just to be pleasant. It was so irritating.”

–Elizabeth, 24

8. “A Wall Street fellow once ask me: ‘Are you a BMW, Mercedes, or Porsche sort of young lady… Cause I have every one of the three.’ Technically it was to a greater extent an inquiry than a planned compliment, yet I was still for the most part stunned that this kind of man exists.”

–Bri, 27

9. “A person I was dating said he was worn out on the ‘hot, blonde excessively thin sorts’ and was cheerful to date somebody like me. Embed blank, irritated emoji face.”

–Amber, 23

10. “I think you make my companions feel uncomfortable with how brilliant you are.”

–Jules, 30

11. “He let me know my lager midsection gave me character and that it was entertaining. I attempted to chuckle alongside him yet soon thereafter I about-faced to my place and cried.”

–Amy, 21

12. “The work of art ‘yet you overlap the clothing such a great amount of superior to anything I do!’ line. I generally thought it was an adage however then my beau really said it to me and I couldn’t accept folks truly utilize it. It’s not charming, simply irritating as damnation.”

–Lace, 29

13. “A person I was “talking” to let me know that my prominent employment made me frightening.”

–Tia, 28

14. “He let me know he took a while to hit on me since I appeared to be more similar to a ‘relationship young lady’ than a ‘one night stand’ sort.”


15. “That my sister was the truly one however that I was the more congenial one.”


16. “Some buddy on Tinder informed me that he was at first going to swipe left however that my bio was entertaining so he chose to swipe right. Fortunate me!!!!!!”

–Megan, 24

17. “You’re really a great deal more pleasant than you look.”

–Greta, 29

18. “You’re not somebody I could ever date but rather you’re awesome with enthusiastic stuff.” TC mark

–Nina, 25

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