15 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Dan Bilzerian


15. He Has Had Serious Heart Problems

It must be thoroughly exhausting being Dan Bilzerian. A lifestyle like his is bound to take its toll on the body, and as much fun as he appears to have on a daily basis, it hasn’t all been butterflies and rainbows. The price of pleasure is often pain – and Dan has had his fair share of it.

Bilzerian suffered a double heart attack when he was 25 and a third when he was 32. He was allegedly treated by Michael Jackson‘s doctor, Conrad Murray, and suffered the last pulmonary embolism when travelling from Las Vegas to Hawaii between poker tournaments. He didn’t exactly reign in his behaviour after number three. Dan reportedly discharged himself from the hospital early and asked his million-strong Twitter following to take up a million-dollar bet that he wouldn’t die.

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