15 Photos That Prove Kim Kardashian Is The Worst Mother Ever



When you’re in the spotlight like reality queen, Kim Kardashian West, your entire life becomes open to scrutiny. In Kim’s case, she is not only frequently judged for her choice in occupation (if you can call it that), but also for her parenting skills. She has been accused of leaking her own sex tape, faking her marriage with Kris Humphries, and most recently of staging the robbery in Paris. Yet, likely the only thing that Kim has been accused of that truly gets to her are the accusations that she’s a bad mother. Kim and the rest of the Kardashian clan have one of the most unique relationships, starting with the fact that Kris Jenner didn’t exactly raise her kids traditionally. Most mothers don’t help their daughters release a sex tape and encourage them to partake in nude photo shoots. While Kanye West seems far from stable enough to be a father, the way Kim was raised has likely influenced her parenting. Living in her own little bubble of fame and her participation in reality television, she seems to find certain things acceptable when she might actually be putting her kids in danger, whether physically or mentally.

While no parent is perfect, the spotlight puts Kim Kardashian in a particular position where she should expect the public to voice their opinion. Her children are arguably the most recognizable celebrity offspring at the moment, making them children that are most targeted by crazy fans, paparazzi, teasing, and unfortunately, child predators. With the public analyzing her every decision, it’s easy for them to find reasons to call her a bad mom. Yet, with so many questionable photos circulating online, it’s not difficult to see where these claims are stemming from. Check out our list of the 15 photos that prove Kim Kardashian is the worst mother ever, and see how some could question her parenting skills.

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