15 Most Notorious Rulers And Dictators In History (With Picture)


Nothing justifies any of the atrocities committed by the notorious dictators on this list, but now that they’re all said and done, morbid curiosity permits one to study them for even the most gruesome details. After all, history’s worst moments are by far the most interesting.
It’s like rubber-necking at a car crash; you just can’t help yourself. Only these ones involve millions and millions of people. The notorious dictators on this list are responsible for some of history’s most heartbreaking events, so before you go on reading, “trigger alert” – but that goes without saying.

15. Sheikh Hasina


Sheikh Hasina has the distinct honor, or dishonor, of being the only woman leader on this list. She has been charged with murder, corruption, and extortion, and as a result she has been banned from her own country several times.

Her elicit activities have further destabilized and denigrated the name of Bangladesh. During her absence, a shamble of a caretaker government led the country in her place, which sought to restructure the government but corruption only rose.

It just goes to show: being happy with what you got beats… well, a shamble of a caretaker government.

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