15 Nollywood Actors/Actresses Who Play The Same Role In Every Movie


Our Nollywood stars are stunning performers.

For some of them, they keep us befuddled when we see advertisements since we’re not certain precisely what they’ll be doing. In any case, for some others, we can figure the way they’ll be playing and we’re for the most part right by and large.

Here are a couple Nollywood stars who have been stereotyped frequently and the parts they’re stereotyped into:

1. Patience Ozokwor – Wicked Mother

When you see Patience Ozokwor’s name in a motion picture, she’s the devilish mother whose kids are perpetually getting in a bad position with other individuals in the group or she’s the mischievous stepmother who’s pressurizing her tyke not to wed from a family for whatever reasons she has.

She’s quite often prepared to do anything to seek after her central goal, including going malicious.

Patient Ozokwor

2. Jim Iyke – IJGB Brother

Jim Iyke is that sibling of yours who just got again from America and won’t give Lagos a chance to get to him. He’s continually clubbing like he’s still abroad, leaving his shirt open and impacting music when he’s driving.

He likewise has his way with young ladies since well, he’s typically stacked and doesn’t know how to spend the cash astutely.

Jim Iyke

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